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12.6.2018, 19:05 Архив Smallgames
HI it's me again....
I got a message about the new additions and was very excited however I can not find them on fex.
Have you started another archive where they are or am I just being a pain in your butt and they aren't there yet....

Either way Know I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU !!!!
rinashab, Galate9I
31.5.2018, 3:18 Архив Smallgames
Also Have lots of games to share if needed for the archive !!
rinashab, Летняя, Galate9I
31.5.2018, 3:16 Архив Smallgames
This thread definitely has my attention. I use Google translator since I do not speak Russian I speak English. It seems the translations mix up what I see and what I say at times... I would love to have access to the archive and would be willing to donate money or games. Messaging may be difficult for you and me since the translator is not very good on the browser. Will work for access !!!!
rinashab, Летняя, Galate9I

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